A little about myself

Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie, and I made the decision today to start my own food blog! My main focus will be on baby and toddler meals, but I’m sure I will throw in a few “big people” recipes every now and again 🙂

I’m a first time mom, and nanny by trade. I am so blessed to have been given such a wonderful and beautiful daughter! Her name is Scarlett Rose, and she’s our everything!


My food journey began not too long ago. I’ve always been very interested in cooking, and of course, love to eat!

I decided that cooking healthy, homemade meals for my daughter (and husband!) was a path I really wanted to take. Scarlett is 11 months old right now, and I am having a great time trying new and fun recipes, specifically catered to her age and development. I focus on fresh, natural ingredients, and try to go organic as much as possible. I’m also a nursing mommy! We are in the process of starting to wean, so milk is on the horizon!

Please enjoy my blog. I will try to update and add recipes a few times a week. As any mom will tell you, there are days I barely make it to bed! Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to leave some feedback!




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